Needless to say 2016 has been a busy year for us thus far. So busy that we have secured the rights to some of the top lines and most sought after designers in the House and Home World.

Jonathan Adler was a fun addition bringing an irreverant sensibility to the table top arena. With his modern art views and dedication to Dali, he has certainly taken Lotus down the rabbit hole with whimsical design choices

The Wedgwood/Waterford group was a real feather in our cap. With years of design and history behind them, we are proud to showcase their house lines as well as the Vera Wang and Gordon Ramsey Collection.

Tea Forte - known by its distinctive pyramid shape and spearmint topper, the brand known in every first class cabin from here to Dubai added a gourmet sensibility to afternoon tea.

So what's next? How about Anthropologie, Kelly Wearstler, and Le Creuset to name a few. We are excited to also announce BROOKFOODS -  a gourmet store experience like no other, coming soon. We love having you grow with the Lotus