We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Wayfair, All Modern, Birch Lane and Dwell Studios.

Lotus has always been a leader in new trends and our recent partnership is no exception but how does it work?

Clients should make wish lists or "Idea Boards" on any one of the site mentioned above and "share" them with Lotus. You must be registered with Lotus to do so.

Step 1 : Go to www.lotuswares.com and click Log In or Register in the top right corner. You will be sent and e-mail to update your password and voila you're done

Step 2 : Register on any or all of the sites as noted (Wayfair, All Modern, Birch Lane and/or Dwell Studios)

Step 3 : Add the items of interest to an "Idea Board" You can make more than one board if you would like separate quotes

Step 4: Share the idea board by clicking the envelope icon on the top right of your list and emailing the link to lotuswares@gmail.com. Please include your name and e-mail address in the comments section so we can keep track!

Step 5 : Wait for quote, say yes and love your items.


Terms: Lotus will quote clients on items selected and prices will be shown in TT Dollars inclusive of all Duties and Taxes including VAT.

            We will email a quote to you within 5 business days of your request and will include the approximate shipping times of the item 

            Payment term are 50% deposit (non-refundable once order has been placed) and 50% upon arrival in Trinidad

            Any orders over $2000 are eligible for free delivery, all other items can be collected at our store 

           Payments can be made via cash, credit card, linx or certified cheque


Have questions? Here are some common ones.

1. How long will my item take? - Shipping into Trinidad and clearance can take from 6-10 weeks based on customs. Lotus has no control on Customs delays and cannot be held responsible for such.  Need it faster? Ask us for a quote by Air for 10 day delivery

2. Can I order anything on the site? - YES, the sky is the limit. If they sell it, so do we. Lotus does not do installation, pieces will be collected or delivered in the condition by seller (some assembly may be required)

3. Can I return an item? - No, all items are specially ordered for you so deposits and payments are non-refundable

4. Why does it seem more expensive? - Landed costs are not just the price of the item multiplied by the exchange rate (6.45) we also include inland freight, shipping to Trinidad, brokers fees, insurance, duties and VAT. If you want an average cost on the item multiply by 16 for an idea. (We will get a corporate price and give you the discount but this formula helps for a maximum idea of how much an item can be landed)

5. What is my order is below $2000 and I want delivery? - We can charge a small transportation fee for delivery starting at $100 and maximum $500 based on area and size of products. Ask us for a quote on this based on your conditions.

6. I am a designer, can I get a discount?  - We work with designers to quote on pieces per job. Contact us to get more details.


Happy Shopping!!